Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LOTRO: Bringer of Sweets

From July 31st through August 7th, SSG says we can have ourselves a vacation in Frostbluff -- complete with Yule Festival quests and a new quest that yields a cosmetic pet and the title "Bringer of Sweets."

There's an ever-growing list of mobs and locations on the LOTRO forums to complete the Stolen Sweets quest, but I figured I should share something here that's easy on the eyes (and possibly a time-saver, because I like to complete things the easy way!).

As the quest story goes, a Giant Eagle was supposed to be delivering a bag of sweets to Frostbluff, and was only flying over snowy areas of Eriador. She somehow didn't realize there was a hole in her bag, and she was able to see winter beasts making off with the goods. It's your job to get them back.

Don't panic, because they made this quest a LOT easier than it sounds. A quick peek at your World Map will show you that they have conveniently highlighted areas where you can find mobs that will drop the sweets. There's a variety that will drop them, just keep in mind that they have to be "winter beasts." I have shared pictures and locations of where I found my items consistently on two characters -- which were also the first applicable mobs within reach of my stable locations.

Fruit Cake @ Thorin's Gate

Since you're standing right by the stable master in Frostbluff, you should take a horse to Thorin's Gate. In this area, any of the Highland Wildcats (lynxes) will drop the Fruit Cake.


Gingerbread & Hot Cross Buns @ Sarnur

Hoof it (or take a stable) to Noglond in the Vale of Thrain, and cut through Orodost to visit our favorite level 50 grind, Sarnur. Head to the right and down passageway lined with Dourhands and trolls until you reach the open cavern with all the trolls, snow-beasts and polar bears. A Formidable Snowbear will drop the Gingerbread, and a Cave Snow-beast will drop the Hot Cross Buns.


Plum Pudding & Flask of Wassail @ Forochel

From Sarnur, I used a milestone/return skill to get to Bree. From the West Bree stable I headed for Suri-kyla in Forochel. A straight shot (east) out of Suri-kyla takes you to the shore with all the ice wyrms -- ignore them and go up the hill behind them. You will find the Brumal Grim which drops the Plum Pudding, and the Ice-shore Peikko which drops the Flask of Wassail.

Peppermint Treats @ Misty Mountains

From the Suri-kyla stable, head for Rivendell. At Rivendell, take the stable to Gloin's Camp in the Misty Mountains. From there, take the stable to the High Crag. Then hoof it over to Giant Halls. One of the Frost Giants there will drop the Peppermint Treats.


Bringer of Sweets

From there, you need to head back to Frostbluff. The quest-giver will then direct you to dole out the sweets to the children of Frostbluff -- you can find all of the children in the workers' quarter. When you've handed it all out, go back to the child with the quest ring and they will give you your new pet rabbit and fancy title!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Oliphant in the Room

"Mister Frodo! Look! It's an Oliphant! No one at home will believe this."
-Samwise Gamgee

Pretend this is an elephant and it's in the room with you. You know what I'm talking about: I missed June's Feature Blog -- and I'm super sorry about it! 

I was playing Darkest Dungeon on the PS4 and I just didn't get a chance to play enough of it to make a worthwhile post. I'm planning to fix that by the end of this month. I'm hoping you can wait until then! The July Feature Blog may be tardy as well, but should be up by the end of this week. (It helps that I have played Child of Light before.) 

In the meantime, celebrate! Birle the lore-master finally reached the level 115 level cap... which is the only way I was able to get the screenshot of the Mûmak in the first place!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

2018 Incentives: Rewards for Everyone!

So you know I play games to raise money for sick kids, but did you know there are rewards for everyone who donates at least $5? That's right. Rewards for everyone! If you didn't know, or someone only just showed you this blog, please read on and consider helping me raise money for sick kids this year!

✦ Personal Incentives ✦ 

When an individual (non-anonymously) donates any of these amounts, they get the reward for the amount they chose and everything else before it.

$5 Donation

A personal thank-you across all of my social media channels. 

This includes: Facebook, Twitter, my public Steam group, my team's Discord channel, and this blog.

$10 Donation

Choose a theme for a mini feature in Gamer Reverie. 

That means you get to pick a game or topic for me to write a blog entry about! I reserve the right to make use of creative license.

$25 Donation 

Earn an entry into monthly Amazon gift card drawing. 

For every $10 donated in a given month, I will put $1 on the gift card. (Example: $200 donated = $20 gift card.) Refer others to donate in the same month and earn additional entries in the monthly drawing. (They MUST mention your name when they donate.)

$50 Donation

A digital art sketch by me.

Did you know I do the arts and the stuff? I'm a little out of practice, but this and this are examples. Subject and content at my discretion. I hope you like fantasy creatures.

$100+ Donation

Be entered into a drawing for a LARGE Amazon gift card.

Drawing will take place at the end of the fundraising (January 2019). Total will depend on number of $100+ donations: for each donation of this amount, I will put $15 on the gift card. (Example: 4 people make $100+ donations = $60 gift card.)


✦ Milestone Incentives ✦ 

These amounts represent my fundraising total. When I reach one, everyone who's donated at least $5 is eligible to receive the reward or partake in the details. You also get to brag that you helped me!

$100 Milestone

All donors receive a digital art sketch by me (approx 4x6) for Christmas. 

I've done actual Christmas sketches as Christmas cards in the past, so you'll probably get some kind of Christmas/fantasy creature sketch. Since I'll be doing the artwork digitally, it will be sent to the email address you use when you make a donation. If you're a $100+ donor, you can ask about getting a physical print mailed to you.

$200 Milestone

I will play and blog about Dead Mountaineer's Hotel.

Words cannot describe how much I hate this game. Well, I take that back. I wrote this review of it back in 2013. It has Mostly Negative reviews on Steam for a good reason. Bottom line: It's a terrible game, but I'm willing to slog through it if it means you'll donate! By the by, my best sarcasm seeps into my writing when I'm fed up or irritable. The resulting blog entry will probably be absolutely acidic.

$300 Milestone

I will play and blog about a sports game. SPORTS!

I don't know what kind of game this will be, but it will likely rely on a sale since I don't think I own any sports games. Does Probably Archery count? I hope not. That one's pretty hard. Tell you what, I'll make a poll if and when I reach this milestone. That seems fair. SPORTS!

$400 Milestone

I'll read and review a cheap romance novel. Ugh.

This is not my genre. At all. But my Kindle ads love to suggest them to me. If I reach this milestone, I'll find a free or cheap one to read on my Kindle. It will be awful. Donate if you want to make me squirm and suffer!

$500 Milestone

All donors receive a digital art sketch by me (approx 8x10) for Christmas.

Same deal as the $100 milestone, but this one will be bigger and more detailed -- might even have a background to it! This will, again, go to whatever email address you use when you make your donation. If you're a $100+ donor, you can ask about getting a physical print mailed to you.

$600 Milestone

I will play and blog about Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

If you haven't heard about this game, just wander over to YouTube and look it up. It is a rage-inducing game and hilarious to watch others play it. I don't like frustrating games, so you can bet your sweet bippy I'll have trouble keeping my blog entry clean. Only you can help make me suffer -- donate today!

$700 Milestone

I will read and review 50 Shades of Grey.

We've already established how much I hate romance novels. This one, from all reputable sources, is badly-written fangirling of imagined BDSM. Just imagine how badly I'll rip this apart once I've read it! If you want to read the scathing review by snarkqueen, you'd better donate and help me reach this milestone! (Not that I want you to. Ugh.)

$800 Milestone

I will sing "Let It Go" from Frozen.

Everyone knows how much I hate this movie. I cringe when people make references or sing the music. It was overdone and the plot was bad. All the hype just made me loathe it more. So now imagine me having to sing "Let It Go." And let someone record it. If this doesn't get you to donate, I'm not sure anything else will.

$900 Milestone

I will play and blog about a Dark Souls game, and keep a death tally.

I've watched my husband play the Souls games (along with Bloodbourne). I cringe every time, knowing my survival likelihood is far less than his. Even so, I'm willing to suffer through at least 1 hour of gameplay and countless deaths if it means you'll donate.

$1000 Milestone

I will watch and blog about the Twilight movies. All of them.

That's right. This one's for the whole pot, dearies. Get me to my goal and I will watch that which I have avoided (I haven't even read the books). Vampires should not sparkle. People who can't smile should not act. BingeClock says that it takes 10 hours and 11 minutes to watch the entire Twilight saga. Not only will you make me miserable for a whole weekend, but you'll be helping sick kids in the process. It's a win-win for you. (I reserve the right to hate you later.)


Please share this blog entry with everyone you know! 

Encourage people to donate to help me be a hero for sick kids!


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July Feature Forecast

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