Friday, January 25, 2019

January Progress Report: All The Things

Been waiting for some new content? Have no fear!
There's a BUNCH on the horizon!

Currently In-Progress as a Blog Draft:

  • A LOTRO Yule Festival narrative, as told by my hobbit, Aumai Goodness.

Various Stages of Completion:

Spicy Challenge:

  • AMA questions acquired. Husband is ad-libbing the rest. Camera-man acquired. List of assorted remedies for spicy damage has been made. Just need to find a weekend in which to ruin my stomach!

Games Being Played Currently:

Special Entries I Haven't Mentioned Yet:

New Games Being Attempted:

Extra Life Team:

We're recruiting! Let me know if you'd like to help raise money and/or awareness for Extra Life with me and my friends. Our theme this year is D&D and we'd love to have more teammates! Send an e-mail to GamerReverie if you're interested or have questions!