Monday, March 22, 2021

Learning LOTRO: Lesson 54 - Emotes


In this series, I talk about various aspects of The Lord of the Rings Online. This series is meant for newcomers, but may also help veteran players find more to love about the game.

This variety of visual cosmetic is a handy way for players to express themselves in all manner of in-game experiences: breathe fire at an enemy, blow a kiss to your crush, salute your captain, slap someone with a fish. All of these are examples of emotes you can collect and use in The Lord of the Rings Online!

What are they?

Emotes are visual animations for your character. Most of them are accompanied by text in local chat emoting what you are doing. You can use them when having objects, NPCs, and other players selected to change the text -- and even to unlock hidden deeds!

Which ones do I have?

To figure this out, you'll need to check out your Collections (see image if you don't know where that is. There are a variety of ways to filter your Emotes based on what you have, what you need, what can be earned, what can be bought, and which ones you are automatically given. The top left has a preview window so you can see how the Emote will look with your character. You can drag and drop any your character has to your skill bar for quick execution -- very handy when doing the festival dance quests!

Where are they used?

Since LOTRO is an MMORPG, the game is hugely social. Players use emotes all the time -- in passing, when interacting with other players, to pester friends, in roleplay, and just to act out how they're feeling when voice chat isn't an option.

The game itself has emotes worked in as necessary elements to complete quest objectives, and are essential in festival activities like Troves & Trickery and the Frostbluff Theatre

How do I acquire more?

The best way to figure out which ones you need and/or want is to use the filter options in your Collections window. There will be text below the preview window that tells you where an emote is acquired from, and the rest is up to you. Emotes can be quest rewards, bought from the store, and unlocked through festival quests or deeds. Some rare ones are also gifted through the Anniversary depending on how many years you have played the game, and others are potential drops from events. 

But I'm a Monster Player

You have emotes, too! They vary by race, so you'll have to play around to find out what they do (if anything) for your Monster Race. There's no Collections for Monsters, so you'll have to type the emote manually (check out the wiki for a list of emotes and directions on typing commands). But I've found some fun ones for my spider: Fidget makes her juggle, Faint has two collapsing animations, and Bored is one you'll just have to watch for yourself!

What's your favorite emote in LOTRO? Let me know in the comments or tag me @spottedsnark on Twitter!

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