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What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a distribution platform selling games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Since Humble's founding in 2010, their mission has been to support charity ("Humble") while providing awesome content to customers at great prices ("Bundle"). They started by offering only game bundles, but have branched out to include an online storefront, a monthly subscription service, a publishing initiative, and lots more.

Pay what you want, choose how your money is divided (between the creators, charity, Humble Partners, and Humble Bundle). On many products, you can allocate part or all of your purchase to a charity of your choice. When you purchase something on Humble Bundle, you'll get a key to redeem on Steam, Uplay, GOG, or another platform. Many of the books and games are also offered DRM-free.

What is a Humble Partner?

The Humble Partner program is a way for you to support your favorite online influencers while continuing to support creators and charity. You can even sign up to become a Humble Partner yourself! When you use a Partner-specific link, any purchases you make during that visit to the Humble site will give you the option to allocate part of your purchase to that Partner and/or also their chosen charity.

Benefits for You

You get some neat games, software, or books while also supporting charity!

Benefits for Sick Kids

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