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Learning LOTRO: Lesson 58 - Book Class Quests

In this series, I talk about various aspects of The Lord of the Rings Online. This series is meant for newcomers, but may also help veteran players find more to love about the game.

It's finally time to tackle the promised topic from all of the previous Class entries: Book Class Quests. Specifically, the class deeds to complete Legendary Books. These quests reward class trait points and provide a little immersive flavor in that each class has 3 different books that need completing. The good part? You can hit the same places for every class to complete them! Read on and I'll tell you all about it!

Completing Legendary Books

For the sole purpose of illustration, I used our rune-keeper dwarf friend, Rhewbarf, for all screenshots needed to help you get started on these class deeds. He looks pretty happy, doesn't he?

Note: While the item names and details in this entry are specific to the Rune-keeper class, the process is the same for all classes:
  1. At level 39, visit a class trainer.
  2. Purchase the 3 class books available (see list later in entry for specifics to your class).
  3. Use/consume the items from your inventory -- they will start 3 deeds.
  4. Visit the NPC indicated by the deed log (it will be the same NPC for all 3).
  5. Speak to the NPC for details, and the deed will progress. It will now show you 8 pages you have to collect for each book.
  6. The first 4 pages of each book can be found on enemies across Angmar, Eregion, and Moria.
  7. The second 4 pages of each book can be found on enemies across Forochel, Moria, and the Misty Mountains.
  8. Upon completion of each book, you will receive a Class Trait Point you can spend in your trait trees.

Some people opt to wait until they reach Moria to complete these deeds, not worried about the class trait points they reward. That's a completely viable, low-stress option! Alternatively, you can visit the two locations I list later in this entry -- you'll have to romp through the areas several times over, but you can finish the deeds before you ever reach the main area of Angmar and long before you head to Moria (and thus get a leg-up before you dive into it!).

Let's walk through the steps together!

Class Trainer's Shop

This is what you'll see when you filter your class trainer's shop window to only show class items. You may see some tools or items that can only be used by your class, but you will also see 3 book items (titles vary by class). Buy these books, and then use/consume the items from your inventory. I highly recommend reading the flavor text and details of your books if you enjoy the lore of Middle-earth and want to immerse yourself in the playing of your chosen class. 

Visit the NPC

Your deed log will tell you which NPC you need to visit (and where they are). Go say hi, and they will discuss the 3 books with you and give you some background about them. This will progress the deeds and they will then display the 8 pages you are missing from each. Hovering over the deed in your deed log will tell you where you can find the pages. You can add the deeds to your Quest Tracker if you want to actively work on them, or just let them auto-complete as you quest -- the choice is yours!

Books by Class & NPC

Class: Beorning

Class: Burglar

Class: Captain
NPC: Boromir

Class: Champion
NPC: Gimli

Class: Guardian

Class: Hunter
NPC: Legolas

Class: Lore-master
NPC: Elrond

Class: Minstrel
NPC: Lindir

Class: Rune-keeper
NPC: Elrond

Class: Warden
NPC: Aragorn

Where I Complete These Deeds

It may sound backwards, but for the second 4 pages, I head to the Misty Mountains (where you can easily tackle the enemies at level 39 when these deeds begin). You'll need to head to the Eastern Bruinen Source area, and target the goblins around Caldwell Pool and Pinnath Fenui. You'll need to do several circuits to get the 12 pages available here. Another option somewhat nearby are the guards leading up to the entrance of Helegrod, but the goblins are more plentiful.

Last 4 pages: Misty Mountains > Eastern Bruinen Source > Caldwell Pool & Pinnath Fenui

For the first 4 pages, I head to an area just beyond the North Downs before you get to Angmar proper, though it is technically part of the Angmar map and is called the Ram Dúath. When you reach the Earth-kin settlement, take the path on the right and head through the little valley until you find an orc encampment called Skathmúr where you'll want to target all of the orcs. If you follow the path into the camp, at the top of a hill you'll find a tent with some men of Angmar. I follow a clockwise circuit through the camp, up to the tent, and back out again past the siege weapons, wait a few minutes, then do it again. Like the other area, you'll have to do a few circuits to get the 12 pages available here.

First 4 pages: Angmar > Ram Dúath > Skathmúr

Tips & Further Information

• The first few pages often go quickly, and the last couple are the hardest because the drops are determined by RNG -- you're often getting drops, but they're pages you already have. Originally, you could collect these duplicates and trade them, but that is no longer the case (and saves inventory space).

• The added benefit of these two locations is that you can catch up on or finish up unfinished racial deeds involving orcs or goblins. You're out of luck if you're a Man/Woman, however.

Orc enmity deeds: Beorning, Elf, High Elf, Stout-axe
Goblin enmity deeds: Beorning, Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit

• If you go looking elsewhere in the regions indicated by the deeds and you're uncertain if an enemy might drop a page, you can hover your cursor over them without attacking or targeting. A window like the one below will pop up. This is a feature for any quest, not just deeds, and can save you a lot of time!

Do you enjoy these deeds, or are they too much of a grind? 
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